Marketing Technology

Company Code


Company Suburb

St Peters

Company City


Stipend Offered


Requested Duration

Either (8 or 12 weeks)

Company Profile

The company develops products (incorporating both hardware & software) using RFID technology and brings these products to market

Field of Internship

Marketing Technology

Project Description & Training Provided

1. Develop material and messaging for a new product:
a. Video
b. Video ads
c. Website
d. Product packaging
e. Product User Guides
f. Printed materials
g. Email campaigns
h. Industry Advertising campaign
i. Industry Association campaigns
j. Partnership campaigns
k. PR campaigns
l. Customer materials
i. How to use XYZ?
m. We use XYZ (for end customers – print and website and social)
n. Social media campaigns – Viral / Paid

2. Build various new industry databases*

3. Run email campaigns via Hubspot to:
a. Existing client database
b. Existing prospect database
c. New industry databases*
d. Industry association databases
e. Partner databases (via partners)

4. Run social media marketing:
a. Paid campaigns – to create end customer awareness
b. Local community marketing for end user brand awareness (Facebook groups)
c. Viral campaign
d. Work with customers to promote their use of XYZ to their social followers

5. Above the line marketing
a. Brand
b. Advertise in industry publications
c. PR to industry publications

6. Association marketing
a. Industry association marketing
b. Partnership campaigns (jointly with partners)

7. Website Content management

8. Manage Social accounts

Skills or Experience Required

Desired but not essential

Learning Outcomes

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