Placement Procedure

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Once an enquiry form has been submitted, then the following steps will take place:

1. We will assess your initial enquiry and send you our fees along with further information.

2. You will then need to complete and return an application form stating your training requirements along with your CV & Cover Letter.

3. After reviewing your documents, we will send you an invoice for an initial deposit and once payment has been received, a welcome confirmation will be sent to you and work will commence on arranging your internship.

4. We will contact you with information about an arranged phone/Skype interview with the host company. Details about the company and the training offered will be provided.

5. If you and the host company are satisfied with the offered internship, then Internships Down Under will arrange an agreement to secure the internship placement.

Should you or the host company not be satisfied with the interview, then Internships Down Under will continue to work on placing you into a suitable company.
This is done a maximum of three times.

*Please note that we do not arrange multiple interviews/positions with the opportunity for you to choose. If you are not satisfied with the prospective company for a valid reason then Internships Down Under will continue to work on placing you into a suitable company.

6. Now the internship is confirmed and the agreement is signed, final payment is due within 14 days.

7. It is now time to arrange accommodation, insurance, flights and the Working Holiday Visa. Internships Down Under can assist you with all of these extras.

8. Upon completion of the internship, you are presented with a statement of service or reference by the host company which details the training received and skills obtained with the host company.

Conflict Resolution

Despite our extensive experience and smooth procedures, we understand that in rare cases a placement may not meet interns/companies expectations.

The following procedure will take place should this occur:

  1. 1. The intern or company will inform Internships Down Under of the issue.
  2. 2. Internships Down Under will request the facts from both parties.
  3. 3. Internships Down Under will use their unbiased professional judgement to mediate and resolve the issue.
  4. 4. If the issue is beyond resolution then we will attempt to replace the intern with a new host company.

Internships Down Under will keep all complaints confidential and will support both interns and host companies to obtain a mutually beneficial solution.