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About the Internship Experience

“I have had the time of my life in Sydney and my internship was a big part of it. I had the best colleagues I could ever wished for and I have had a lot of fun during my internship, but I also learned a lot. I would definitely recommend other students to do their internships in Australian as well.”

– Bo; The Netherlands; Tourism Internship

“It was a fantastic experience to make my internship at this company. I learned so many things about logistics but also about the Australian culture/ the Australian way of living.
They supported me as much as they could and it was a very good atmosphere at work.
My colleagues and I did a lot of things together outside from the internship.
All in all I can only wish all interns get such a good company.”

– Lars; Germany; Logistics Internship

“The team was very friendly and I had a warm welcome! They helped whenever they could and treated me like a real member of their team and not only as an intern who is doing admin work.”

– Nathalie; Sweden; Hospitality Internship

“I have learnt more in my first month of the internship than I did at university for 3 years!”

– George; United Kingdom; Film Internship

“I am going to miss working with these amazing people every day. Coming to the internship never felt like a burden because there is always something new going on. Working with everyone here was an enjoyable experience, which I hope to continue after my internship is finished.”

– Kelly; USA; Design Internship

“Great experience, rich, diversified, challenging, interesting, couldn’t have been better”

– Lea; France; Law Internship

“Terrific small, informal company to gain experience in the field. Great atmosphere, great colleagues.”

– Bart; The Netherlands; HR Internship

“After having done three internships including this one during my studies in a Business School in Paris this internship is my favourite one! I really felt useful during my stay here and I am sure I was. A great experience and I am really grateful to my supervisor and the entire team who make me have a wonderful experience!”

– KBrice; France; Finance Internship

“I had my own Workspace, whenever I needed help, I got help and the staff were very friendly. Also I ‘really’ improved my English skills and had a good view at the work day life of this branch.”

– Hendrik; Germany; IT Internship

“I did get to enjoy a fabulous time in the past six months. I was well covered and always helped by all staff. It was a great challenge. I worked in the Food and Beverage department and also got experience at Front Office, which was excellent and I want to stay with the company after my university back home. The friendly atmosphere within the entire department made me want to go to the internship every day, so that was great.”

– Carl; Germany; Hospitality Internship

“Working in a small company helped me to gain an overall business experience. I was able to learn about the entire company, rather than just small aspects of it. The staff were very welcoming and pleasant to work with!”

– Carolyn; USA; Communications Internship

“Awesome impressive company!!! Very good internship! Awesome colleagues and bosses!! I enjoy joining the job interviews. Office in the CBD is great as well. Tasks were a bit too much in the beginning but we have adapted them to realistic aims together. Staff are absolutely supportive, helpful, funny and the climate in the company is really good”

– Ursula; Germany; Recruitment Internship

“Really interesting to see how a business is run.”

– Torstein; Norway; Sales & Marketing Internship


About Internships Down Under

“The service provided by Internships Down Under was really good. Before the internship I got all necessary information so that I could start without problems. During the internship especially the intern meeting was very helpful to get in contact with other people and to make new friendships.”

– Lars; Germany; Logistics Internship

“Internships Down Under was very helpful in finding this internship. They were easy to work with and very responsive”

– Carolyn; USA; Communications Internship

“Perfect service, fast, involved, very satisfactory”

– Lea; France; Law Internship

“The service was really good during the whole time of my stay in Sydney. At all times I had the feeling that I was supported well by Internships Down Under in Sydney!”

– Bose; Germany; Tourism Internship

“I cannot complain about the service of Internships Down Under. Before and also during my stay in Australia, there was an ongoing communication with the company which was very helpful for me.”

– Sabina; Germany; Sports Marketing Internship

“I liked the intern meetings and the weekly information of events during the newsletter. When I had any questions they were answered immediately.”

– Freya; Germany; Real Estate Internship

“Internships Down Under has been very helpful, especially before the start of my internship. They even came to see me and another intern at the company. That’s good service of course.”

– Bart; The Netherlands; Environmental Marketing Internship

“Thanks for being such great supporters at all times. I really did enjoy meeting you guys and I highly admire the work you did for me. My internship was the most wonderful time and it turned out even better than I expected it to be; great job on that! I always felt well-treated at the company and enjoyed coming into the internship in the morning, so thanks again for placing me in this spot”

– Carl; Germany; Hospitality Internship

“Pretty darn impressive job you’ve done. It took you less than 2 weeks to find me this place which met all my requirements and all-in-all, was an awesome experience.”

– Thomas; The Netherlands; Tourism Internship

“Always helpful, it’s good to have intern meetings to meet the other interns”

– Fredrik; Sweden; Media Internship