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Terms & Conditions

– A deposit is required before processing & placement begins.

– A placement fee will be due following your confirmation of an internship offer. The placement fee must be paid prior to starting the internship.

– If Internships Down Under is unable to obtain an internship interview, a full refund of the deposit will be made by Internships Down Under.

– Internships Down Under
will make no refund of any fees:
a) Once the internship has commenced
b) If the applicant provides false or fraudulent information/documentation

Internships Down Under will not refund the deposit once an interview has been arranged.

– “Internship Placement” means a voluntary learning experience in the Intern’s field of interest in order to gain further practical experience, knowledge, skills and exposure within an English language environment and increase their understanding of the skills involved within this field of interest. It may be an essential requirement stipulated by the Intern’s tertiary education provider or a voluntary act by the Intern.

– The Internship Placement will be on a full-time basis only unless otherwise agreed between the Intern and the Host Organisation;

– Upon the ending of the Internship Placement, the Host Organisation & Internships Down Under are under no obligation to offer the Intern paid employment

– The intern agrees to obtain and provide evidence to the satisfaction of the Host Organisation & Internships Down Under of personal insurance cover (AUD$2million), including medical insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance and personal liability insurance any other relevant insurance as requested by the Host Organisation prior to commencement of the Internship Placement

– The intern agrees to obtain and provide to the satisfaction of the Host Organisation & Internships Down Under evidence of correct and valid visa and immigration documentation that allows them to remain legally in Australia. Such evidence must be provided to the Host Organisation prior to commencement of the Internship Placement

– The intern agrees to complete the internship as part of their University or other tertiary education requirements or in order to gain practical training.

– The Intern agrees and acknowledges that Australian employment legislation such as the Fair Work Act 2009, National Employment Standards, and any industrial instrument normally relating to the Host Organisation and their employees or business activities, will not apply to the Intern in respect of the Internship Placement. For example, the Intern is not entitled to any paid leave such as Personal/Sick/Carer’s Leave, Annual Leave, and similar leave

– The intern acknowledges that Sydney Internships Pty Ltd, trading as Internships Down Under (ACN144 896 971) (Internships Down Under) will act to introduce the Intern to the Host Organisation, but is not a party to any Internship Placement Agreement;

– The intern acknowledges that the Agreement nor the Internship relationship creates any legal or contractual relationship between Internships Down Under and either the Host Organisation or the Intern.

– The intern acknowledges that, as Internships Down Under does not engage the Intern in any capacity, and is not the employer of the Intern, it does not maintain workers compensation insurance in respect of the Intern (and is not otherwise liable for any acts or omissions of the Intern).

– The intern releases Internships Down Under from any claims arising from, or in any way related to the Internship.

– In the event that the Internship Placement is terminated, or any other issues arises in respect of the Internship, the Intern acknowledges that, while Internships Down Under may at its complete discretion choose to seek to assist in resolving the issue, Internships Down Under makes no warranties and assumes no responsibility for resolving any such issue, or finding the Intern any alternative internship placement.

– The commencement of the Internship Placement will be taken to indicate the intern’s agreement to the terms of the Internship Placement, even if that party has not signed the Internship Placement Agreement.

– The information provided on the Intern Enquiry Form &/or Intern Application Form is to the best of the intern’s knowledge complete and correct and understand that Internships Down Under shall have the right to terminate the Internship Placement at any stage if proven otherwise. Should any changes occur at any time before and during the Internship, the intern agrees to inform Internships Down Under immediately.