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To ensure a healthy and safe internship experience in Australia, Internships Down Under requires all participants to maintain medical, travel, accident and personal liability expenses up to AUD $2 million AUD. Internships Down Under offers a plan designed for your needs which has been selected and endorsed by the Australian Internship Industry Association. In addition to covering your health, the plan provides Personal Liability cover. Personal Liability offers cover for legal liability including legal expenses for bodily injuries or damage to property of other persons as a result of a claim made against you.

You will be required to show evidence of your insurance policy before starting your internship to ensure that it’s adequate.

Insurance Explained

Insurance Form

  • Date you need the insurance to start covering you i.e. date you depart your home
  • Date you need the insurance to finish covering you i.e. date you return home
  • If unknown, then write 'IDU Office'
    i.e. Where are you right now?
  • e.g. 417, 462, permanent resident
  • Agent / Partner Use Only

  • Terms & Conditions