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What is an internship?

An internship is a temporary learning experience completed in a host company. The educational objectives, qualifications and experiences of an intern determines the internship position they are offered.

An internship is not employment, but rather a learning experience undertaken during an intern’s education.

Internships are completed on a voluntary basis with the primary focus being on training and to enhance the skills and experience of the intern.

The characteristics of an appropriate unpaid internship can be found on the website of the Fair Work Ombudsman;
– No employment relationship to be created
– The intern must not be doing “productive” work
– The main benefit of the arrangement should be to the intern, and
– It must be clear that the intern is receiving a meaningful learning experience, training or skill development.

Internships Down Under continues to work to ensure best practices and quality standards are maintained in line with Australian Government regulations.

We urge all internship host companies to closely adhere to the points detailed on the FWO website for a successful voluntary internship.

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Important Information


Internships Down Under insists that every intern acquires their own insurance policy. The policy must insure the intern for personal liability expenses up to AUD $2 million. We also recommend to International applicants that they purchase medical, travel and accident insurance.


All applicants must be permanent Australian residents or eligible for the 417 or 462 Visa. Other suitable visas can also be considered.


There is no fee to the host company for our service. Companies are encouraged to cover the intern’s weekly travel expenses or offer a stipend.


The intern selects the start date, duration & number of hours per week. Interns generally request a full time placement but part time internships can also be arranged to meet requirements. We do not have set start dates. Interns can start an internship on almost any Monday throughout the year.

Fields & Industries

Marketing, Event Management, Tourism, Finance, Communication, Logistics, Public Relations, Human Resources, Graphic/Web Design, Information Technology, Engineering, Nursing Hospitality, Education, Fashion, Online Marketing, Physiotherapy, Architecture, Media, Social Work, Administration, and many more.

University Requirements

Many interns have University requirements which need to be met. Some involve a graduation assignment requiring the intern’s full attention for a maximum of two days per week.

Who are the interns?

  • 18-30 year olds
  • Local & International Applicants
  • School leavers, currently enrolled in a course, or recent graduates
  • Native English speakers or of an advanced English level
  • Motivated to gain further training in their chosen field


  • Plan and prepare the training objectives for the duration of the internship before the intern arrives
  • Complete the induction checklist with the intern upon their arrival
  • Provide a beneficial, structured and supportive experience
  • Provide skills and training relevant to the intern’s learning expectations
  • Treat the interns and the internship program with respect
  • Continually supervise and monitor the intern’s progress
  • Provide the intern with their own office space
  • Complete a monthly training monitor


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