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Online Tourism Internship

Company Profile:

The company is the foremost supplier of hotel accommodation. It is the fastest growing travel trade supplier. We enjoy exclusive relationships with global tour operators, chains and independent hotels across the globe.

We provide reservations to an unrivalled 70 000 properties worldwide, with a view to increasing inventory to 100,000 by 2012. Over 100% growth during tight economic times is testimony to a service oriented business model; based on listening and responding to the needs of our customers.

In 2010, we launched a brand new website and booking system, created in-house by a dedicated team of developers. Innovative technology uses real time comparison and filtration to deliver the lowest price room matching a query in seconds. Over 2000 travel companies across Australia already connect to this platform, benefiting from connections to leading accommodation wholesalers, hotel chains and independent hotels across the globe.
Our sister company drives an exclusive front and back-office system. Its technology is today one of the fastest and most unique travel distribution technology in the world. This proprietary technology and state-of-the-art booking engine distinguishes itself from any other in the market with more unique features:

We are on a mission to have a complete suite of products by late 2011; one that includes cruises and complete holiday packages. We will connect to all the major wholesalers and hotel chains in the world, fortifying presence in every region – host to host.

Our company aims to be Australia’s 1st choice for booking travel, and the preferred partner of all our major travel groups.

Training & Experience Provided:

The Intern's role is to provide hands-on experience while gaining exposure to the real world of marketing; his/her duties provide an invaluable tool assisting the day to day smooth operation of the online travel and/or media division.

Duties include, but are not limited to:

Dealing with day-to-day operations of sales and service team, helping the team achieve their goals, making calls to agents and trying to help them, dealing with suppliers to book special requests for customers, spending time with your trainer to better understand the travel industry in Australia;

Learning Objectives

Note: Specific outcomes will vary by assigned internship experience.

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What else do I need to know?

Are the Online Tourism Internships paid?

The Online Tourism Internships are voluntary/unpaid as the main benefit is to you through a meaningful learning experience, NOT on photocopying and making coffee. However, many host companies offer a stipend such as weekly transport costs. The internship will assist you in taking a big step towards your future career.

When can I start my Online Tourism Internship?

Our Online Tourism Internship start dates are flexible. We have students starting internships almost every Monday of the year (except in December and the first week of January).

Do you organise graduation Online Tourism Internships?

Yes. We can arrange internships to meet your graduation requirements. These commonly involve an assignment topic or thesis subject.

Can I receive credit from my University for the internship?

If you send us your University requirements in order to gain credit for the internship then we will make sure to arrange a placement which meets these requirements.

Do you charge a fee for arranging a Online Tourism Internship?

Yes, there is a fee for the comprehensive service we provide. Our fees will be sent to you once you have completed the enquiry form.

Can you arrange insurance & accommodation?

Yes we can. Check out our Extra Services for further information.

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