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Software Development Internship

Company Profile:

The company specialises in providing a technology platform for the distribution of search, contextual and domain matched internet text ads, more commonly known as ‘sponsored links/ads’.

Search Feed Engine is the flagship software/come service – a technology platform that allows us to control both the quality and volume of search queries being submitted from website publisher networks to advertisers.

The Search Feed Engine platform was developed in house by our technical development team, and we have commercialised this platform in the US market, with a vigorous and aggressive marketing strategy.

Training & Experience Provided:

The interns will receive training and exposure to the rationale and strategy that defines the development elements and system as a whole. This will lead to an understanding of online marketing strategy and business objectives of the systems being developed.

Candidates will be involved in the development of, upgrading of, or the maintenance of one or more to the following:

  1. A centralised traffic and revenue reporting and tracking system integrated with 2, 3 4, & 5 below:
  2. Arbitrage system that is integrated with Search Engine PPC bid management integrated with 1 & 3
  3. A parked domains system – similar to integrated with 1 and 2
  4. A performance marketing system – similar to but integrated with 1 and 5
  5. A permission marketing system similar to but integrated with 4 and 1

The Intern will be exposed to senior developers on a daily basis and will learn how to work in a team, how to work individually, and will be exposed to all the systems used in the business at one level or another. All development is carried out in a customised framework designed by the Head of Development.

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What else do I need to know?

Are the Software Development Internships paid?

The Software Development Internships are voluntary/unpaid as the main benefit is to you through a meaningful learning experience, NOT on photocopying and making coffee. However, many host companies offer a stipend such as weekly transport costs. The internship will assist you in taking a big step towards your future career.

When can I start my Software Development Internship?

Our Software Development Internship start dates are flexible. We have students starting internships almost every Monday of the year (except in December and the first week of January).

Do you organise graduation Software Development Internships?

Yes. We can arrange internships to meet your graduation requirements. These commonly involve an assignment topic or thesis subject.

Can I receive credit from my University for the internship?

If you send us your University requirements in order to gain credit for the internship then we will make sure to arrange a placement which meets these requirements.

Do you charge a fee for arranging a Software Development Internship?

Yes, there is a fee for the comprehensive service we provide. Our fees will be sent to you once you have completed the enquiry form.

Can you arrange insurance & accommodation?

Yes we can. Check out our Extra Services for further information.

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