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Retail Public Relations Internship

Company Profile:

The company wholesales to 12 growing boutiques in Australia.

We also sell through destination markets such as ‘Paddington Markets’ as well as ‘Pop-Up’s shops.

The business commenced in April 2006.

The business is looking to grow effectively and sustainably, ie to avoid negative impact on the quality of the product and service standards, while selling higher volumes through more outlets.
We will only work with proven suppliers demonstrating outstanding ethics and environmental awareness / credentials.

Training & Experience Provided:

Develop/extend the traditional web and social networking capability in keeping with the our brand mission. plus updating websites, creating promotion material using Adobe applications to generate attention and activity to the main websites. Focus on driving sales through to on-line shop requires creativity and tech skills to effectively re-use materials on the profuse social networking media.

--develop a process whereby a ‘blog’ can be easily maintained in conjunction with the websites in the most efficient manner,
--ease of re-use of materials such images, text, links and multi-media,
--liaise with national media, newspapers, magazines and the existing PR Agency to ensure sample garments are being couriered and returned for photo-shoots etc
-- maintain a ‘guard book’ of press that is expected to hit.
-- opportunity to project/ manage a website refresh, ensure the requirements for new functions are being developed to expectation, doing user testing and providing clear instructions to developer on issues / bugs.

Opportunity to design and project manage development of an iPhone application using Crowd Sourcing providers.

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What else do I need to know?

Are the Retail Public Relations Internships paid?

The Retail Public Relations Internships are voluntary/unpaid as the main benefit is to you through a meaningful learning experience, NOT on photocopying and making coffee. However, many host companies offer a stipend such as weekly transport costs. The internship will assist you in taking a big step towards your future career.

When can I start my Retail Public Relations Internship?

Our Retail Public Relations Internship start dates are flexible. We have students starting internships almost every Monday of the year (except in December and the first week of January).

Do you organise graduation Retail Public Relations Internships?

Yes. We can arrange internships to meet your graduation requirements. These commonly involve an assignment topic or thesis subject.

Can I receive credit from my University for the internship?

If you send us your University requirements in order to gain credit for the internship then we will make sure to arrange a placement which meets these requirements.

Do you charge a fee for arranging a Retail Public Relations Internship?

Yes, there is a fee for the comprehensive service we provide. Our fees will be sent to you once you have completed the enquiry form.

Can you arrange insurance & accommodation?

Yes we can. Check out our Extra Services for further information.

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