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  • I had my own Workspace, whenever I needed help, I got help and the staff were very friendly. Also I ‘really’ improved my English skills and had a good view at the work day life of this branch.

    - Hendrik - Germany, IT Internship
  • Terrific small, informal company to gain experience in the field. Great atmosphere, great colleagues.

    - Bart - The Netherlands, HR Internship
  • Great experience, rich, diversified, challenging, interesting, couldn’t have been better

    - Lea - France, Law Internship
  • I have learnt more in my first month of the internship than I did at university for 3 years!

    - George - United Kingdom, Film Internship
  • The team was very friendly and I had a warm welcome! They helped whenever they could and treated me like a real member of their team and not only as an intern who is doing admin work.

    - Nathalie - Sweden, Hospitality Internship