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Either (8 or 12 weeks)

Company Profile

We are creating a new program to teach kids ages 7-15 computer science, virtually, through an online platform, supervised remotely.

We want to teach kids to think computationally, and to learn the fundamentals of computer science.

We are creating a platform that is fun, colourful, and high energy.

Kids will learn through activities that are related to the real-world, so our programming exercises will be based on how technology can be used in the real world, with examples across the environment, healthcare, society and food.

The intern will learn how to design the program and the platform to inspire the next generation of programmers.

Field of Internship

Web Design Education

Project Description & Training Provided

Our goals for this project this year are:

– Brainstorm and create programming exercises for kids to learn computer science
– Create a platform for kids to access computer science exercises and for their parents and teachers to view their progress
– Teach 200 kids computer science from all over Australia
– Create a website for kids and their parents to find out about the program
– Write specifications for a script to generate coding exercises

Key skills we anticipate students will develop whilst undertaking the internship:
– Ability to execute and see a project through from beginning to end
– Ability to work around challenges in order to reach a deadline
– Develop your communication skills
– Increase your knowledge of core computer science concepts
– Work in a team to create requirements documents and then execute the project

Skills or Experience Required

Interest in coding and software preferred

Learning Outcomes

Remote Team Work
Data Analysis
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Autonomy & Self Management
Creative Thinking
Planning & Organisation
Initiative & Enterprise

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