Leisure Marketing

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Requested Duration

12 Weeks (240 hours)

Company Profile

A small business, operating unique experiences Australia wide. It is a highly innovative business and has been operating since 2007, its dynamic nature means there are lots of great developments that you could be involved in. You will be able to get a really hands on experience, interacting with all fields of the business’s management. This is a great opportunity to complete part of your work experience from your own ‘office’ with flexible hours, as part of a small/efficient business. You’ll be required to complete a wide range of tasks, ideal if you take pride in maintaining high standards.

Field of Internship

Leisure Marketing

Project Description & Training Provided

Social media marketing
Liaison with SEO partner
Writing content and blogs (based on dot-point overviews)
Photo selection, organisation and basic editing
Creating media content, i.e. infographics etc
Creating campaigns
Supplier and Tourism Orgs-,Relationships and Collaboration
Video marketing

Skills or Experience Required

Personality- Key Talents and Driving Motivations 

Like making plans to ensure everything runs smoothly, stays organised and on-track. At your best when you can think things through and assess any risks with a calm, logical, even-keeled approach. Enjoy systems, routine and order. Ability to see connections, can see cause and effect of various actions. 

At your best when you have a purpose and understand the why behind what you are doing, always seeking the best way to do things. Thrive on any complex problem solving required to achieve tangible, practical and actionable results. 

Work Experience and Education 

Skills and Applications 

The business is all cloud based, and has systems and processes that require proficiency/training with the following apps: 

Learning Outcomes

Online Communication

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