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Hospitality Tourism Internship

Company Profile:

Our company is a unique Australian travel company offering premium holiday experiences in some of Australia’s most remote and breathtaking locations.

We offer award winning accommodation and tours from the red heart of Central Australia, soothing green depths of the Daintree Rainforest, the vibrant colors of the Great Barrier Reef, to the vast canyons and rugged alpine mountains of Tasmania.

There are hotels spread across the various resorts which include 1700 hotel rooms, campgrounds, lodges, touring, retail, catering and an airport operation. They also offer eco and cultural tourism experiences.

Our company is focused on providing their guests with incredible memorable experiences, which they would not be able to enjoy anywhere else in Australia.

Our Hotels and Resorts were formed in March 2000. This was the rebranding of the old company (operating since 1992) to better reflect the geographic diversification of the company which was happening at the time with new properties at Alice Springs and Kings Canyon. It also mirrors their guests’ desires to journey to unusual destinations for an outstanding experience. In July 2004, we added properties in Tasmania’s Central Highlands and Queensland’s outback and The Great Barrier Reef.

We are part of one of Australia’s oldest and largest listed property groups, with total assets of A$10.4 billion. The assets include quality investment properties located around Australia in the retail, office, industrial and hotel/tourism sectors.

Training & Experience Provided:

We have opportunities available in our Sales & Marketing team, -- one focusing on general Sales & Marketing duties such as creating PowerPoint presentations, account analysis, database work, sales & marketing projects, competitor analysis projects and general administration.

We also can offer opportunities to assist within our Sales Conference and incentives Department; contract proposals, follow up quotes, upkeep on accounts, database work, preparation of sales kits and general office duties.

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We have previously placed candidates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth & Adelaide

What else do I need to know?

Are the Hospitality Tourism Internships paid?

The Hospitality Tourism Internships are voluntary/unpaid as the main benefit is to you through a meaningful learning experience, NOT on photocopying and making coffee. However, many host companies offer a stipend such as weekly transport costs. The internship will assist you in taking a big step towards your future career.

When can I start my Hospitality Tourism Internship?

Our Hospitality Tourism Internship start dates are flexible. We have students starting internships almost every Monday of the year (except in December and the first week of January).

Do you organise graduation Hospitality Tourism Internships?

Yes. We can arrange internships to meet your graduation requirements. These commonly involve an assignment topic or thesis subject.

Can I receive credit from my University for the internship?

If you send us your University requirements in order to gain credit for the internship then we will make sure to arrange a placement which meets these requirements.

Do you charge a fee for arranging a Hospitality Tourism Internship?

Yes, there is a fee for the comprehensive service we provide. Our fees will be sent to you once you have completed the enquiry form.

Can you arrange insurance & accommodation?

Yes we can. Check out our Extra Services for further information.

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