Jenna; Tourism Marketing Internship in Australia

Jenna is from Finland and completed her internship in Sydney from January 2018 until April 2018;

Where do you currently live?
Helsinki, Finland

What is your current status?
Employed at Edenred Finland as a Marketing Specialist

Describe the path from your internship in Australia to your current position
I did a marketing internship in Sydney in 2018. After my internship it was hard to find employment in a marketing position in Australia with a temporary visa so I had to look for other options. So after my internship I was employed in Lorna Jane as a sales person. I stayed in Sydney for the whole year 2018 with my working holiday visa and then came back to Finland to finish my Master’s degree in University. 2019 I studied my master’s degree in Helsinki, and did some part time jobs besides studies. In August 2019 I got a sales and marketing trainee job in Helsinki. I started working on my thesis while working as a trainee and graduated in January 2020 as a M.Sc. in Business Administrations and Economics, majoring in marketing. I then got promoted in my company as a Junior Customer Success Specialist and in June I changed from the sales team fully into the marketing team as I got promoted as a Marketing Specialist, which is my current position.

How did the internship in Australia contribute towards reaching your current status?
I learned some marketing skills, improved my language skills and got more confidence.

What were the most important OFFICE SKILLS you learnt during your internship?
Communication and organization

What were the most important INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SKILLS you learnt during your internship?
Learned to use some marketing tools like WordPress and Hootsuite. Learned more about marketing skills and terms.

Are you still in contact with your Australian internship host company?

Are you still in contact with the friends you made while you were in Australia?

Best memory from your time in Australia?
Traveling to Whitehaven and Cairns, and snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.

What do you miss most about your time in Australia?
Living near to the beaches and going to Sunday brunches

Advice for anyone thinking about completing an internship in Australia?
I am sure that everyone will make great experiences in Australia. If you have an open mind you will be making new friends and enjoy your time for sure.

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