Laura; Film Internship in Australia

Laura is from Germany and completed her internship in Sydney from March 2020 until July 2020;

Where do you currently live?
Munich, Germany

What is your current status?
Studying at Augsburg University, Computer Science

Describe the path from your internship in Australia to your current position
I wanted to do something in film, that’s why I made my internship at a film company. I really loved it, so now I’m studying computer science and I want to do a job in the film industry once I finished uni. My internship in Australia showed me how much I really love doing all the filming stuff

How did the internship in Australia contribute towards reaching your current status?
Now I know what to study and what job makes me happy

What were the most important OFFICE SKILLS you learnt during your internship?
Team work, responsibility, problem solving, communication, organisation

What were the most important INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SKILLS you learnt during your internship?
Social media management, filming, editing, colour grading

Are you still in contact with your Australian internship host company?

Are you still in contact with the friends you made while you were in Australia?

Best memory from your time in Australia?
Being at work with my colleagues and learning something new every day

What do you miss most about your time in Australia?
The people and their kindness

Advice for anyone thinking about completing an internship in Australia?
Do it! You won’t ever regret doing it!

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