Internships in Australia for International Students

Internships Down Under was founded approximately 10 years ago for the sole purpose of assisting International students gain internships in Sydney. We found that there was little to no assistance for motivated students who wanted to experience Australia’s unique environment & lifestyle while enhancing their CV and gaining beneficial practical training in the workplace.

Internships Down Under, which was formally known as Sydney Internships, has built a reputation for providing beneficial internships to students throughout the world in their chosen field.

What we have learnt about International students looking for an internship in Australia:

The Netherlands

We have arranged over one thousand internships for International students studying in The Netherlands. Many of these have involved Internships Down Under organising a University assignment or thesis as required by the intern’s University.


It is common in Germany to complete multiple internships (known as Praktikum in Germany) before entering the workforce. Some of these are commonly completed throughout Europe, but students are now realising the value of a global experience. Although the internship may be a University requirement, we have found many of the German applicants to be extremely motivated to enhance their skills and experience.

America (USA)

Although very different from the European applicants in many ways, American interns who apply for an internship in Australia are just as motivated, driven and hungry for knowledge. Although it is common for us to be assisting large groups & individuals from the USA with arranging internships during their summer break, we are also kept busy during the Autumn (Fall break) & Spring break.


Internships for International students from France travelling to Australia have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Whereas French students in the past may have completed their placements (also known as Stage) within France, they are increasingly becoming aware of the value and benefits of International global training.


The idea of completing an Australia internship for International students from Canada has slowly become more popular. Perhaps reluctant, due to the distance, those that do to take the leap certainly don’t regret it and they return home with an advantage over their rivals when applying for jobs.


Traditionally summer in Australia has been filled with Swedish backpackers travelling up and down the East Coast from Melbourne, through Sydney and onto Cairns. Times are changing. Australia is now not only seen as a ‘good time’ for Swedish, but is now also seen as an opportunity to make the ‘best year of your life’ an educational one as well.

The UK / Britain

Sure there are some similarities between UK / Britain and Australia, namely the language, but the differences are what attracts so many British applicants to complete internships in Australia. International students from The UK have been making the most of their gap year experience by applying for productive internships in Australia in their chosen field through our service rather than spending the year just ‘having a good time’.

No matter where you are from, an International internship in Australia will provide you a beneficial experience and give you the opportunity to develop your skills far beyond what you will ever learn in a classroom.

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