Sydney Information

Important Numbers & Websites

Police, Fire, Ambulance: 000
Taxis: 133 300
Transport Information: 131500
Internships Down Under: 02 93865441
Lost Credit Cards: Visa-1800 450346
Master Card: 1300 462273
American Express: 1300 132639
Tax File Number: Required to work in Australia
RSA Certificate:  Required to work anywhere that serves alcohol.

Tourist Information

•Sydney Visitor Centre
Open daily from 9.30am – 5.30pm
• Playfair St (Corner of Argyle St), The Rocks
Phone: (02) 9240 8788
• 33 Wheat Rd, Darling Harbour (behind IMAX)
Phone: (02) 9211 4288

Mobile Phones

Month-by-Month Plans include both phone and data for all sim card sizes. Make sure that your phone is not locked to any network.
All the major phone companies (Vodafone, Optus, Telstra and Virgin) have pre-paid mobile-sim options. These can be purchased from one of their stores and recharged online or with vouchers.

Opening a bank account

There are four major banks in Australia; Commonwealth Bank, ANZ Bank, Westpac and National Bank. To open a bank account in Australia, you will need to identify yourself so make sure to bring your Passport. Walk into any bank office and let the staff open an account for you. It is very easy and depending on which package you will get, you pay around $4 per month for your bank account. Make sure to bring a little bit of cash with you since you will make your first deposit right away to get the account working. Opening a bank account at National Bank (NAB) won’t cost you anything monthly.

Getting Around

Sydney has an efficient public transport system:
Some bus routes are ‘Pre-Paid Only’ meaning that tickets are not sold on the bus.
Tickets can be purchased from a bus interchange, convenience store or newsagency.
Various buses are ‘express buses’ and only make limited stops.
You can get the Opal Transport Card which allows use of trains, buses and ferries. You can order and recharge the Opal Card on the internet, at train stations, supermarkets and at convenience stores.
For more information about the Opal Card, please go to this website.

Note: International students are not entitled to purchase a student concession ticket.
Phone 131500 from within Sydney or visit this website for assistance with all public transport services.


Internships Down Under can offer assistance with finding suitable accommodation:
• Furnished Student Accommodation ( More information )
• Homestay
• Hostel
Click Here for more information
Warning: Do not send money to anyone until you’ve seen the room!


Domestic flights can be booked with:
Virgin Australia
BYOJet & Webjet (compares all airlines and their prices)

Activities, Excursions & Discounts

Weekend Trips: Internships Down Under together with Colourful Trips organise regular weekend tours in and around Sydney. Click here for information.
Bookings can be made through Remember to use the following promotion code in the checkout to receive a 10% discount: idunder10

Surf Camp: Together with Surf Camp Australia, Internships Down Under organises weekend surf camps giving you the chance to learn how to surf on the NSW South Coast. More information can be found here. Discount code: internsurf

For your safety

We would like to remind you to take the same safety precautions in Australia as you would in your home country. Although Australia is generally a safe and friendly country, there are the usual dangers and annoyances which can be found in most cities around the world;
•Please try to avoid dark empty streets at night.
•Watch your drinks when you’re in a bar. People have been known to drop in dangerous substances.
•Try not to carry too many valuables with you.
•Make sure you know the number to disable your credit card if stolen or lost.
•Lock your windows and doors when you leave your house
•Take care when you cross the road. You may not be used to cars driving on the left.

If you need any advice then please phone Internships Down Under: +61 (0)2 93865441
If you have an emergency requiring police, ambulance or fire brigade then please call the National Emergency Number: 000

Medical Advice