Isabelle; Psychology, Communication and Social Education Internship in Brisbane

Isabelle is from Denmark and currently in Brisbane completing an internship at a school for children with disabilities;

My home city: Copenhagen is famous for: its oldest monarchy (royal family), biking friendly, castles, drinking in public, old historical buildings and the word “hyggelig”.
When I was young I wanted to be a: Therapist
I chose Australia because: It’s far away, so I wanted to go for a longer period. Furthermore because of the weather, attractions and use of English language.
My impression of Australia before I arrived was: Only positive things about the people and places to see.
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before is: Aboriginal history.
Before I leave Australia I want to: Celebrate Christmas and New Years with an Australian family.
If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be: Might be Copenhagen with possible few years work in different countries.
Best advice I’ve been given is: Embrace everything with open arms.
My worst job was: In a sales department.
Destination of my next trip: Sri Lanka and Maldives.
Australia described in one word: Generous


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