Wanda; Marketing Internship in Sydney

Wanda is from The Netherlands and completed a Marketing Internship in Sydney from February to July 2009.

What is your current status?

What is your current location and employment position?
HR Advisor & Internal Communications in Poland

Three points on how your internship in Australia assisted you in deciding your future career?
* Showed me that I like Marketing a lot.
* Showed me that I like international working environments
* And it showed me that I want to work abroad.

Describe the path from your internship in Australia to your current position
After the internship, I went back to the Netherlands (where I’m from) in 2009. In 2010 followed another abroad (graduate) internship in Antilles, The Netherlands. Then I started my first Master’s degree in The Netherlands. Next to this degree I was working in a online marketing firm. My second Master’s degree I completed in Sweden. After Sweden I had one more internship in The Netherlands for L’Oreal and then I got offered my current job.

What do you miss about Australia?
Everything! The sun, the pretty beaches, koalas.. all the interesting animals. Sydney offers the best of both worlds. Amazing nature and city life.

Have you kept in contact with the friends you made while you were in Australia? If so, how?
Yes. Facebook

Any advice for students thinking about coming to Australia for their internship?
Take the occasion to travel before or after your internship. You have travelled so far and you won’t regret it.

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