Available Internships; Marketing, Event Management, HR

Marketing Internship:



Company Profile:

The Company saves costumer’s time & money with a wide range of ex pat services.
Whether people need the best rates for Foreign Exchange to Banking, or Connections of Electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet or to find the best deal on Hotels worldwide etc.
The company will take care of everything and get the best deals for their customers.

Brief sample of Marketing training provided:

– Communicating with clients in 20 different countries, dealing with different cultures.
– Selling to different countries
– How to form international business relationships
– Making a marketing plan to service new markets

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Event Management Internship



Company Profile:

The company is a Wedding and events reception centre and organise any type of an event. Right from the planning straight through to the final product on the actual day of the event.

Brief sample of Events training provided:

– Formulating, implementing and evaluating marketing strategies
– Managing, evaluating and controlling marketing programs
– Planning, researching and evaluating market trends
– Managing a sales team and budgets
– Analysing consumer behaviour internationally
– Manage quality customer service
– Manage event staging components
– Establish and conduct business relationships
– Research and comply with regulatory requirements
– Develop and implement event management plans
– Prepare and monitor budgets
– Coordinate marketing activities
– Organise and complete daily work activities
– Develop work priorities

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Human Resources Internship


Gold Coast

Company Profile:

The company is a start up Recruitment business focussing on specialist placements in Queensland.

Brief sample of HR training provided:

– Basic Start up business Marketing strategies with Social media engagement practices
– The end to end recruitment process
– Effective business communication
– Business Development techniques
– Business Start-up documents
– Master Document Creation
– Candidate engagement
– Client Engagement

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