Thomas; Marketing Internship in Sydney

Thomas is from Denmark. He is currently in Sydney, Australia completing a Marketing internship;

My home city is: Esbjerg is famous for: being a harbor town
Growing up I wanted to be a: billionaire (still want that)
I chose Australia because: They speak English, its very far away from home, and the animals
My impression of Australia before I arrived: That it was dangerous because of the animals, but warm and beautiful
One thing I have learnt about Australia: is there are not spiders and snakes everywhere.
Before I leave Australia I want to: pat a kangaroo and koala.
If I could live anywhere it would be: Paris, Los Angeles, Mexico, Dubai, London
Best advice I have been given is: stress is a waste of life
My worst job was: Cleaning a butcher shop
Destination of my next trip: USA
Australia described in one word: Lively


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