Summer Internship in Australia

By ‘Summer’, we are referring to the USA and European Summer which is Winter in Australia.

What is an Internship?

An internship is a voluntary training program where a host company provides beneficial skills and experience to match a student’s learning goals and objectives.

Why should you do an internship in Australia?

In the highly competitive job market in the USA, Europe and other parts of the world often a university or college degree is not enough to enter your career of choice. Companies in America and around the world are increasingly looking to employ applicants who have skills, knowledge and experience beyond that learnt in a classroom environment. An internship has become the norm in many industries. In order for your CV to stand out from the crowd, an international internship will boost your practical training and skills beyond that of other job seekers. An international experience will display to future employers your motivation and ability to adjust and succeed in an unfamiliar environment.

But why Australia…..
Beaches, Kangaroos, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Koalas, Opera House, Uluru, Cricket, Blue Mountains, Meat Pies, Surfing, Vegemite, Rain Forests, Chris Hemsworth, Sand Boarding, Great Barrier Reef, Rugby, Waterfalls, Tanning, Shopping, Smiles, Snakes & Spiders, Sun, BBQ, Wombats, Festivals & Markets, Boomerangs, Whales & Dolphins, Hugh Jackman, and so much more.

Why is Summer a good time to do an internship in Australia?

By ‘Summer’, we are referring to the USA and European Summer which is Winter in Australia.
For applicants from The US, it is a great opportunity because the Summer break, although short, is still long enough to complete an 8 week internship. You will not need to miss any classes and still gain valuable international work based skills and experience.

Winters in Australia are still nice and warm and the perfect climate to explore the city. Sure, you won’t go home with a perfect tan, but you will still have the time of your life.

Due to the short time frame, it is recommended for Summer internship students to consider a complete comprehensive package including the internship, accommodation, airport transfer, weekend trips and social meetings.

Can I get university credit for my Summer internship in Australia ?

No matter which field you are studying, the internships are able to be structured to meet University requirements in order to earn course credit to contribute towards your degree.

In what field can I complete my Summer internship?

Summer Internships in Event Management in Australia
Summer Internships in Communication in Australia
Summer Internships in Marketing in Australia
Summer Internships in Finance in Australia
Summer Internships in Fashion in Australia
More fields available here

How to apply?

– Complete the initial enquiry form
– Detailed information including fees will be emailed to you
– Once your deposit, application form, CV & Cover Letter have been submitted then interviews will be arranged

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