USA Summer Internships in Australia

In the highly competitive job market in the USA, often a degree is no longer enough to enter into your career of choice. Companies in America are increasingly looking to employ those who have have skills, knowledge and experience beyond that learnt in a class room environment. An internship, once viewed as unnecessary, has become the norm in many industries. In order for your CV to stand out from the crowd, an international internship will boost your practical training and skills beyond that of other job seekers. An international experience will display to American employers your motivation and ability to adjust and succeed in an unfamiliar environment.

Internships Down Under has extensive experience with placing students from all over the world into beneficial internships. We are skilled in recognising the differences between the structure, timings and expectations of interns from each corner of the globe.

Summer Internships are a unique arrangement for American students which differ from those requested  by interns from other countries.
The Summer break is only short and the highly motivated US students travel to Australia to make the most of their limited time by completing an 8-10 week internship.
Due to the short time frame, it is desirable for the American students to have a complete comprehensive package including the internship, accommodation, airport transfer, weekend trips and social meetings. Internships Down Under are able to structure a package ideal for these unique requests.

Our program is so highly trusted and respected that many American based internship providers re-brand Internships Down Under’s program to sell onto their students.

No matter which field you are studying, the internships are able to be structured to meet University requirements in order to earn course credit contributing towards the intern’s degree. Although marketing placements are always the most popular, Summer internships can also be arranged in Finance, Tourism, Events, HR, Design, and many other fields.

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