Purush; Mechanical Engineering Internship in Sydney

Purush is from Germany and completing a Mechanical Engineering internship in Sydney. Like many others, Purush has learnt that sunny Sydney can fast become wet and windy Sydney;

My home city: Essen Is famous for:  Zeche Zollverein, Villa Hügel, International Christmas Market
When I was young I wanted to be a: Aeronautical engineer
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia:  East Coast Trip from Melbourne to Cairns
If I could like anywhere in the world, I’d choose: Sydney or New York
I chose Australia because it is: An English speaking country with mostly good weather and lots of things to explore
My impression of Australia before I arrived: Very hot country with nice people
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before: Even in Australia it could rain a lot in summer
My Best advice: Plan well before starting travelling
My worst job I have held: Polishing parts
Destination of your next trip: Melbourne, Brisbane, Cairns
Australia described in one word: Amazing

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