ANZAC Day 2016

What is ANZAC Day ?

ANZAC Day is one of Australia’s most important national memorials which commemorate the landing on the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey during WW1 where many Australian and New Zealand soldiers died. This solemn day is remembered in Cities & Towns throughout Australia & New Zealand.

When ?

25th of April in 1915.

What does ANZAC stand for?

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. They became known as Anzacs.

Why is this day special to Australians?

When the First World War broke out in 1914 Australia had been a united nation for only 13 years. Australia fought on the side of the Commonwealth when the Britain’s declared war in August 1914.

What’s On?

– ANZAC Day Horse Races
– A 120 m interactive floating installation called Nomanslanding will commemorate the centenary at Darling Harbour
– Camp Gallipoli held in Centennial Park will offer a unique opportunity to sleep under the stars as the original Anzacs did in 1915
– A march of all returned soldiers through Sydney’s CBD (9am till 1pm); Crowds line the streets to pay their respect to returned soldiers from all Australia’s battles
– Playing the traditional game of two-up in Pubs and clubs (Two-Up is a game in which coins are spun in the air and bets are laid on whether they fall on heads or tails; only legally played on ANZAC DAY)