Internship Guidelines (Updated)

 Internships Down Under promotes and arranges internships which follow the guidelines set out by the Fair Work Ombudsman. On the Fair Work Ombudsman website, conditions of an unpaid internship can be found;  (reproduced below):

A work experience arrangement or internship is when a person works for a business to gain experience in a particular occupation or industry. These arrangements can be a valuable way for prospective employees to make the transition from study to work or explore a new career path. Sometimes these arrangements span several months and can lead to ongoing employment. An unpaid work experience arrangement or unpaid internship can be lawful if it is a vocational placement or if there is no employment relationship found to exist. In particular:

– The person must not be doing “productive” work
– The main benefit of the arrangement should be to the person doing the placement, and
– It must be clear that the person is receiving a meaningful learning experience, training or skill development.

Internships Down Under continues to work closely with all members of the Australian Internship Industry Association to ensure correct procedure is followed.

We urge all internship host companies to closely adhere to the above points for a successful voluntary internship relationship.