Host Company Interview Tips

An interview for an internship is quite different to an interview for a regular job as it is primarily focuses on the learning outcomes and benefit to the intern. The intern would like to know what they can learn from the internship and what practical training you can provide. The interview stage is very important as the intern will book their flights and apply for their visa based on the information provided in the interview. They are making a huge commitment towards their education by accepting your internship.

Have you considered;

– Do you have time to train, supervise and monitor an intern?
– Have you reviewed the intern’s cover letter and CV?
– Is there office space available for the intern during their requested period?
– Are there suitable projects available for the intern which align with their requested field?

 Points to discuss;

– Intern’s training expectations and learning outcomes?
– How can the internship contribute towards the intern’s future career goals?
– Start date, duration & number of days per week?
– Are they prepared for the possible cultural shock of Australia?
– Is the student aware of the financial costs of completing an unpaid internship?
– Company profile; size, number of employees, location etc?
– Any stipend offered eg. weekly transport?
– University requirements?

Please note: It is not the host company’s responsibility to arrange accommodation, insurance or airport transfer.