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Events Management Internship


CBD, Sydney

Brief sample of training provided:

The internship with the Events Assistant Coordinator is available for a period of 5 to 6 months. This is a full time internship. Please note that experience in the events industry is not mandatory as detailed training will be provided. Students who study in the areas of event management, hospitality, tourism or marketing are preferred. On the job training & supervision will be provided by the Events Manager and Chief Executive Officer.

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Logistics Internship


Alexandria, Sydney

Brief sample of training provided:

Process improvement, Operations Management, Engineering, Maintenance, Logistics Maintenance, Reporting, Data Manipulation

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Sales Internship


Not specified

Brief sample of training provided:

Responsibilities will include:
• Training within the Sales and Marketing Team (Business Development Team, Sales Executives and the Sales and Marketing Coordinator)
• Understanding of the use of database including Delphi, ASA, Fidelio
• Projects related to understanding market segments for Conferencing, Corporate, Leisure
• Market research and application on business resulting in presentation and campaign design
• Website updating in relation to competitors, events, product, price
• Attendance at S&M Meetings
• Updating the Sales Application with client details and activities following client events, new contracts and productivity
• Assisting in establishing new processes and procedures within the department
• Collateral management to ensure the sales team tools are up to date and prepared
• Assisting with financial records management including Purchase Order procedures
• Assisting with Daily Report development and collation

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