Top 3 Available Internships; Logistics, Web Development, Marketing

Logistics Internship:



Company Profile:

The Company provides solutions for all forms of natural gas – dry or liquids-rich, sweet or sour. Systems range from basic gas separation and dehydration, to natural gas liquids extraction, including amine plants, liquefaction facilities and petro-chemical plants.

Brief sample of Logistics training provided:

An intern will be able to gain experience and train in a number of Supply Chain functions including Procurement, Warehousing and Inventory Management. A number of improvement initiatives are under way and the focus would be on supporting these projects rather than any day-to-day administration. The Host Manager has had experience of hosting a number of supply chain interns over the years.

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Web Development Internship



Company Profile:

The company is a digital marketing agency with an in-house web development team fluent in end-to-end web design and development capabilities.

Brief sample of Web Development training provided:

Intern will be embedded into the development team and will report directly to their head of development. Successful intern will be exposed to the life cycle of a bespoke web development project. Their team of front end developers and back end coders are more than capable of assisting with further training.

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Marketing Internship



Company Profile:

The company creates, bottles and distributes tea and other food grade products. They are a start up company with three business partners and are growing very rapidly. Increased demand in the health beverage sector is currently on the rise in Australia.

Brief sample of Marketing training provided:

Training will be provided to all people on a 1 to 1 basis. Safety instructions and use of the bottling machine and bottle sanitiser will be given. The marketing structure that they use is social media based as well as doing tastings at their seller.

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