Available Internships; Public Relations; Insurance; Human Resources

Public Relations Internship


Sydney, CBD

Company Profile:

The company is a full service communications agency which specialises in offering marketing services to a range of clients across the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries.
They focus on strategy, planning and development of high profile campaigns for clients, which include PR, Social media, Creative campaigns, Digital marketing and celebrity/influencer activations.

Brief sample of Public Relations training provided:

The company take a pro-active approach to training and offer a high level of on the job project ownership to ensure integration into teams and client groups. We feel that the ability to work closely with senior experienced and dynamic people whom are skilled in their craft is a key component of the experience and learning capacity within the agency. In addition to this, the agency offers training on inventory management systems, digital tracking and performance reporting, exposure to graphic design and database management systems and tools as well as seamless exposure to a high volume of Australian Media channels.

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Insurance Internship


Sydney CBD

Company Profile:

The company is the global leader in credit insurance; they are present in over 50 countries and have a 36% share of the world credit insurance market. Their mission is to help companies grow by insuring them against the risk of buyer insolvency – whatever their size, sector or country of origin. They employ 6,000 staff members worldwide.

Brief sample of Insurance training provided:

The Risk Intern will be trained in the following areas within the Risk Team:
• Risk Admin Support
• Credit/Risk Analysis
• Risk Underwriting

Key Training:
• Assisting with maintaining regular contact with the policyholder if more information about the administrative request is required
• Gathering and entering data into the database.
• Handling administrative tasks in IRP/EDM related to Risk activity
• Updates of buyers in review program
• Recycling management
• Performing low level Buyer Assessments
• Monitoring low level Risk Portfolio

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Human Resources Internship


North Sydney

Company Profile:

Telecommunication services provider in the wholesale and retail space.

Brief sample of Human Resources training provided:

The company can tailor training to what the students have learned/are learning…

They can provide an information session and practical learning experience or ‘shadowing’ a staff member on the following areas:

• Recruitment – participate in Recruitment activities , eg advertisements, culling, interviewing, contract preparation, and induction.
• Policy review and preparations
• How to deal with confidential information.
• Auditing and reviewing employee details and HR Requirements of the business.
• Industrial Relations requirements and Fair Work Act, etc.
• Job analysis and drafting job descriptions
• Research on various HR matters

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