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Graphic Design Internship


Double Bay, Sydney

Brief sample of training provided:

We are an exciting start-up that has already secured $1 million in investment funding.
Our team is looking for a graphic design intern to train on how to create presentations and proposals for pitching to customers.
Photoshop & Powerpoint skills will be a good base to launch into the intenrship.

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Event Management Internship



Brief sample of training provided:

We are an event management company based in Perth.
We focus on arranging conferences, balls & gala functions.
Our company is able to offer on the job experience related to the events industry; especially corporate & charitable events.

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Finance Internship


Bondi, Sydney

Brief sample of training provided:

We are a global provider of prime brokerage for hedge funds, asset managers, brokers and professional traders.
We can provide an intern the following training;
How a prime brokerage works in regards to our services, notably on our premium platform.
Exposure to financial products, such as Forex, FX Options, CFDs, Stocks, Futures, Contract Options and ETFs.
Platform corporate actions
Management of account structures
Assist Operations Manager in overlooking platform, including setting up accounts, journal entries in and out of accounts, bank reconciliations, Profit and loss statements and monitor server in terms of risk and checking on trades and positions.

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