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B2B Marketing Internship:



Company Profile:

The Company is a B2B inbound marketing agency. They are one of the fastest-growing in the APAC region and do content marketing, brand strategy and identity work. The Agency is highly strategic and creative.

Brief sample of B2B Marketing training provided:

– Marketing automation set-up and management
– List management for content marketing
– Principles of on-page SEO via the HubSpot tool
– Agency QA processes for ensuring delivery of high quality work
– Research techniques for new business approaches
– Experience of the brand creation process (The company will be going through an agency rebrand while the intern is working with them and will need some assistance)
– Blogger outreach research, approaches and their direct impact on SEO
– How to measure all of the work you’ve delivered against client and agency results

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Online Marketing Internship



Company Profile:

The company is an online retail store selling fancy-dress and party supplies throughout Australia and internationally. It is the largest online fancy-dress store in Australia and have 25 permanent, full time and part time staff. Their office is a fun, vibrant and friendly environment.

Brief sample of Online Marketing training provided:

One-on-one training with another individual to get the intern up-to scratch then on-going monitoring by the content/brand team. Training will be in-depth as the systems used are specific. There will constantly be training throughout the time the intern is here.

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Marketing Tourism Internship



Company Profile:

The company is a small group day tour operator running tours from Melbourne to numerous sightseeing locations around Victoria.

Brief sample of Marketing Tourism training provided:

– Proficiency in use of a popular reservations system
– Market research
– Creating a marketing plan and schedule
– SWOT analysis
– Developing and implementing a marketing campaign
– Competitor analysis
– Analysing consumer behaviour
– Creating and maintaining Links
– Online content management
– Curation of content
– Crafting of content for social platform e.g. Facebook or Twitter and using appropriate tracking
– Review and approval of content with supervisor prior to scheduling
– Scheduling of posts on content platform
– Publication of posts or tweets to live environment
– Metatags / SEO
– Creation and editing of video content
– Maintenance of CRM database

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