5 Things Every Intern Notices About Australia

Our Top 5 Things That Every Intern Notices About Australia

Internships in Australia offer more than professional development. Here are the five uniquely Australian things that catch the eye of interns, from the welcoming culture to the breathtaking landscapes. Each items makes anAustralian internship truly memorable;

1. The Multicultural Mosaic:

The first thing new interns to Australia notice is the cultural diversity and how well all the different cultures get along. This diversity is evident in languages spoken, the variety of foods and cultural festivals and traditions.

2. The Relaxed Vibe:

Interns will also find that Australia has an informal, relaxed vibe. Maybe it all comes from the beach culture, but Australian’s dress-code, social or business situations, Aussies are pretty laid-back. This relaxed attitude creates an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for learning and personal growth.

3. Breathtaking Nature Escapes:

Being so large, Australia has an amazing variety of landscapes. From lush rainforests in the north, snowfields in the south, the fantastic colours of the outback, peaceful rural towns & hundreds of stunning white sand beaches.

4. The Indigenous Connection:

The ancient Aboriginal culture has filtered into the modern life of Australians. It adds a fascinating and unique extra layer to the diverse range of cultures.

5. The Languages:

Although English is the official language of Australia, you will hear many other languages spoken all around you everywhere. Australians have also developed their own cliches, slang and phrases to keep the tourists amused and confused.