Liisa; Business E-Commerce Internship in Sydney

Liisa is from Finland and completing an e-commerce internship in Sydney. She has fallen in love with the city and is looking forward to visiting the Blue Mountains. As well as a creative photo, she also has some good advice…:

My home city: Jyväskylä is famous for: its rally which is part of the World Rally Championship.
When I was young I wanted to be: Everything! I’ve always been curious to learn, try new things and know as much as I can. When I was 13 I decided I’m going to be a photographer. Now I am, but I’m also so much more.
I chose Australia because: I’ve grown up watching Australian tv shows and that may be the reason why I have always wanted to live in Australia. I thought an internship in Australia would be the best way to get to know the place.
My impression of Australia before I arrived: was warm and welcoming.
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before: People, even those you don’t know, are extra nice and very helpful. With the “no worries” attitude everyone seems to fit in.
Before I leave Australia, I want to: see the Blue Mountains!
If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d choose: Either Finland or Australia, I already love them both.
Best advice I have been given is: walk everywhere in a new city; that way you’ll really know the place.
My worst job was: At one place I used to have a supervisor that really didn’t like me because I was young and she didn’t think I was experienced enough so she always tried to push me down. I did learn a lot about me, other people and good management. So in a way I’m very grateful for her.
My next trip will be to: I’m hoping to visit all Australian states.
Australia described in one word: Laid-back


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