Lena-Marie; Human Resources Internship in Sydney

Lena-Marie is in Australia completing a Human Resource internship. She is pictured here at the famous Taronga Zoo;

My home city is: Hamburg is famous for: its “Reeperbahn” (red light district)
Growing up I wanted to be a: teacher
I chose Australia because: English speaking country with beautiful nature and lovely people living on the bright side of life
My impression of Australia before I arrived was: Spiders, snakes and kangaroos everywhere!
One thing I didn’t know about Australia before arriving was: I didn’t know that it’s so multicultural, especially in Sydney
Before I leave Australia I want to: Go Skydiving
Best advice I’ve been given is: Do more of what makes you happy!
If I could live anywhere it would be: After two months in this city now, definitely Sydney!
My worst job has been: delivering newspapers
Destination of my next trip: Uluru
Australia described in one word: Vast


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