Matthijs; Superyacht Industry Internship in Sydney

Matthijs is from The Netherlands and completing his internship in the Superyacht industry. As you can see from his picture, he is a fast learner;

My home city: Eindhoven Is famous for: PSV Eindhoven and Philips
When I was young I wanted to be: Owner of a restaurant
I chose Australia because:  improve my English, weather, beaches
My impression of Australia before I arrived: Beautiful country, easy going people
One thing that I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before is: I didn’t know about the lock out laws at night clubs/bars.
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia:  Australian open, Great Ocean Road
If I could like anywhere in the world, I’d choose: Netherlands
Best advice I have been given is: Saving money
My worst job was: going out on a 20 million dollar boat when it was colder than 25 degrees 🙂
My next trip will be: Melbourne, Great Ocean Road to Adelaide
Australia described in one word: Amazing

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