Malene; Law Internship in Sydney

Malene is one of our many interns from Denmark. Despite wanting to be an architect when she was growing up, she is completing a legal internship in Sydney with a small firm;

My home city: Copenhagen Is famous for:  the statue of The Little Mermaid and for being the capital of Denmark.
When I was young I wanted to be: an architect
I chose Australia because: I heard so many good things about Australia from my Australian friends, so I had to come see for myself
My impression of Australia before I arrived: That it was a beautiful country where everyone is very friendly and welcoming
One thing that I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before is: It is a lot more multicultural than expected
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia: Take a selfie with a Quokka!
My next trip will be to: Dubai

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