Daphne; Forensics Internship

Daphne is from The Netherlands. She is completing an internship in the unique field of Forensics. Most intern’s ‘to-do list’ in Australia includes hugging a Koala…Daphne can sign this off with a big tick;

My home city: Amersfoort is famous for: de kei (the boulder)
I chose Australia: because I always wanted to visit Australia for the beautiful landscapes.
When I was young I wanted to be: a truck driver
My impression of Australia before I arrived: was ‘One big adventure’.
Something I learnt about Australia is: that the Aussies always greet with “hi, how are you”
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia: is visit my family in Brisbane
If I could live anywhere in the world I’d choose:  Denmark
Best advice I have been given: is if there is something you really want to do, then just go and do it.
My worst job was: cleaning in a gym.
My next trip will be to: Croatia
Australia described in one word: OneWordIsNotEnough

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