Ben; Recruitment Internship in Sydney

Ben is our first ‘local’ intern of the week. He is currently completing an HR/Recruitment internship in Sydney.

My home city: Sydney is famous for: Bondi Beach
When I was young I wanted to: be a famous soccer player
I chose Australia because: I love this country, beautiful people and weather
My impression of Australia before I arrived: I have lived in Australia my whole life, and every day I love it more.
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before: That you do not need to be a celebrity to go to the opera house
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia:  is see an A- League (soccer) grand final. From what I have seen on TV the atmosphere is ecstatic. Love to participate in that.
If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d choose: Australia or United Kingdom
The best advice I have been given is: “You don’t get anything for second place” – Phelim O’Sullivan
My worst job was: when I have a bad job I’ll let you know
Destination of your next trip: Queensland, to see some friends, get a tan and go to the theme parks
Australia described in one word: Mate

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