Australian Internship Budget

Australia is a very beautiful but also very expensive country. It’s major cities are Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. There are some costing difference between the cities.
Here is an overview about the general costs in Australia and some tips.

Essentials Price
Accommodation$275 per week
Prepaid Sim Card$20-$50
Bus/Train Ticket (One-Way)$2-$5
Whopper, Big Mac$3.99-$4,19
Water, Coke (1,5l)$2-$3,50
Milk (1.5l)$1.50
Water (1.5l)$1-$3
Coke (1,5l)$3
Juice $3-$5
Local Cheese (1kg)$9.40
Eggs (12)$4.70
Potato (1kg)$2.90
Rice (1kg)$2.95
White Bread$2.80
Oranges (1kg)$3.60
Banana (1kg)$3.30
Apples (1kg) $4.10
Bottle of Wine$15.00
Liquor (0,7l)$30-$60
Beer (0,3l)$3-$5
Pack of Cigarettes$23
Food & DrinksPrice
Meal (Cafe)$18
Fast Food Meal $6-$10
Sushi (Take Away)$3-$7
Thai Food$5-$12
Beer $6-$10
Wine (Glass)$7
Coke $2,50-$4
Monthly Transport Pass$130
Taxi Start $4
Taxi 1km$2,17
Rent a Car (1 week)$230
Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult$60
Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour)$25
Swimming Pool$4-$7
Live Sports Ticket$20-$50
Rent a Surfboard$50


  • Use Uber instead of  Taxis
  • On Tuesday movie tickets are half price
  • Search on Groupon and Gumtree for offers
  • Look out for discounts at the supermarkets
  • Larger items are more economical e.g. soda drinks (0,6l) for $3.50 ; 1,5 litre bottle for $3
  • Make a shopping list based on your needs and a weekly meal plan
  • Pack any extra food into containers and freeze it for another day
  • Do your research if you want to eat out. There are many cheap places
  • After 8 rides with train/bus you will drive for free (Until the end of the week)
  • Search for student discount prices
  • Alcoholic drinks from Bottle Shops are cheaper than the Clubs
  • Compare Prepaid Sim cards from Telstra (Best Connection), Vodafone & Optus
  • Homestays may be a more economical choice as food is included
  • Spend weekends on the beach…IT’S FREE! 😀