Australian Internship Budget

Australia is a very beautiful country including major cities Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. There are some costing difference between the cities.
Here is an overview about the general costs in Australia;

Essentials Price
417 Visa$635
Accommodation$380 per week
Prepaid Sim Card$20-$50
Weekly Public Transport$60
Milk (2L)$3.30
Water (1.5l)$1.10
Coke (1,5l)$3.55
Juice (1.5L)$5
Block Cheese (1kg)$14
Eggs (12)$5.20
Potato (2kg)$7.50
Rice (1kg)$3.35
White Bread$3.90
Apples (1kg) $4.90
Food & DrinksPrice
Meal (Cafe)$18
Fast Food Meal $6-$10
Sushi (Take Away)$5-$7
Thai Food$10-$15
Beer $6-$10
Wine (Glass)$10