Ann-Kathrin; Tourism Internship in Queensland

Ann-Kathrin is in Australia to complete two separate internships. Although she is enjoying her stay in Queensland, Germany will always be home:

My home city is: Recklinghausen in the West of Germany is famous for: being part of the Ruhr. So it is famous for trips to the old pit or to visit the fantastic Soccerstadiums of Schalke, Dortmund or Bochum. Also the City Cologne with the big Chruch is just one Hour away
When I was young I wanted to: be a Journalist
I chose Australia because: it is a famous Country with great weather and friendly people. You can find a lot of different places while you are in one Country.
My impression of Australia before I arrived: was a warm Country with a lot beach and clear water
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before: is how they celebrate Christmas
Before I leave Australia, I want to: Visit the Great Barrier Reef
If I could live anywhere I’d choose: Germany. I Love my Home Country and I could never live without my Family
Best advice I have been given is: Visit Fraser Island before you leave the Sunshine Coast
My next trip will be to: Fraser Island
Australia described in one word: Beautiful


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