Caroline; Digital Marketing Advertising Internship in Sydney

Caroline is from France and completed her internship in Sydney from February 2018 until August 2018;

Where do you currently live?
Asnières sur Seine (close to Paris), France

What is your current status?
Seeking employment

Describe the path from your internship in Australia to your current position
When I returned to France after my internship in Sydney, I enrolled in a Master 2 in Marketing and Communication. The goal was to have what is called a “Bac +5” (Baccalaureate + 5 years of study). The job market is difficult in France and recruiters particularly appreciate this “Bac + 5”.
In September 2020, so very recently, I obtained this Master 2 and here I am: graduated and looking for a job in communication, marketing, or social media!

How did the internship in Australia contribute towards reaching your current status?
My internship in Australia helped me on two sides. On the one hand, recruiters appreciate that I have this professional experience totally done in English (spoken and written). Also, the experience in an advertising agency is highly valued because recruiters know that the pace is high, that you have to juggle with several clients at the same time, be versatile and very creative. In short, this internship was only beneficial and positive for my professional career!

What were the most important OFFICE SKILLS you learnt during your internship?
I was an intern but I was treated like any other employee of the agency. I learned respect for others’ ideas, communication between us whether positive or related to a concern and especially teamwork.
I remember something one of the photographers told me when we were on a photoshoot: “always be one step ahead”. And honestly even 2 years later, this is advice that I apply every day!

What were the most important INDUSTRY SPECIFIC SKILLS you learnt during your internship?
During this internship, the most important skills I learnt were: content creation, copywriting and planning posts on social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn).
I also learnt how to manage the social communities of 5 clients.

Are you still in contact with your Australian internship host company?

Are you still in contact with the friends you made while you were in Australia?

Best memory from your time in Australia?
This question is way too difficult! All the times spent in Australia are my best memories. I visited Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania, the Gold Coast, the Great Ocean Road .. I celebrated Easter, Christmas (with the famous Pavlova!), made lots of road trips, learned to drive on the left side of the road and learned a lot of Australian slang!

What do you miss most about your time in Australia?
Everything!!! The beautiful landscapes, the beach, the warm weather and all the incredible legends I met!

Advice for anyone thinking about completing an internship in Australia?
I just want to say: do not hesitate! Australia is an incredible country, certainly on the other side of the world, but that’s what is exciting! Working every day in an English speaking environment is an incredible opportunity. Discover a new culture, new landscapes, make new friends, push your limits and learn more about yourself.
Don’t worry, you will never feel alone because the Internship Down Under team members will always be available for you.

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