Moritz; Marketing & Sales Internship

Moritz is completing his internship in the industry of Marketing & Sales in Sydney. He travelled to Australia from Germany and it looks like this has been a great decision, he is having an amazing time here! Soon he will be travelling to Tasmania and Melbourne to see more of this amazing country. Enjoy yourself Moritz and safe travels with heaps of fun!

My home city: Heidelberg is famous for: its’ beautiful old town, the river with the ‘ Old Bridge’ and the Romantic Castle which is ranked in the Top 10 of Germany’s sightseeing places.
I chose Australia: because I always wanted to visit every continent in the world, so sooner or later I knew I would make my way to Australia. A relative of mine lived in Melbourne for more than 3 years and she told me so many exciting stories about this country that I instantly fell in love with it, even before I arrived in Sydney.
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before is: that people are open-minded and friendly to strangers….After a few days you won’t feel lonely anymore! The most iconic Australian phrase is ”no worries” – I’ve never seen such relaxed people before! 🙂
The thing I miss about home is: my family and friends, but on the other side Australia is so amazing that you don’t have a lot of time to think about those things.
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia is: dive in the Great Barrier Reef, feed a kangaroo and hug a koala! 🙂
If I could live anywhere in the world I’d choose:  Australia
My advice to future interns would be: to travel around because is the best thing you can do! These experiences are worth much more than any materialism. So be spontaneous, try to see as much as you can and make new friends!
The best moment I have have had during my stay in Australia was: when I saw the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge for the first time. I thought I would never see these famous landmarks in my life!
If this were my last day on earth, I: would invite my whole family and all my friends for a BBQ and would just enjoy these valuable hours.
My plans for the next trip are: to go to Tasmania and Melbourne over the Christmas Holidays. It is going to be awesome, I am sure! 🙂
Australia described in one word: Beautiful!

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