Elodie; Medical Services Internship

Elodie is from France and completing an internship at a medical services company in Sydney. Elodie would like to visit the famous Uluru (Ayres Rock) before she leaves Australia;

My home city: Lyon is famous for: its gastronomy
When I was young I wanted to be a: magician to easily solve all problems
I chose Australia because: of the Culture – Mentality – Landscapes – And because it was a challenge for me as it is on the other side of the globe from France.
My impression of Australia before I arrived: was a warm and sunny country with a relaxed way of living
One thing I have learnt about Australia that I didn’t know before: is that Australia very multicultural
One thing I want to do before I leave Australia: is visit Ayers Rock
Best advice I have been given: is to never give up
My next trip will be to: Dubai
Australia described in one word: Rewarding

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