Why is there a fee to arrange an internship?

Internships Down Under is committed to providing high-quality internship placements for participants seeking professional development opportunities in Australia. The fee structure is designed to cover various aspects of the internship placement process and ensure a smooth and enriching experience for both interns and host organisations.

Reasons for Charging a Fee:

    • Customised Placement Process:
      Each internship placement is tailored to match the specific skills, interests, and career goals of the participant. This requires extensive research, coordination, and communication with potential host organisations.
    • Pre-screening and Selection:
      Internships Down Under conducts recruiting and vetting of host organisations to ensure they offer a conducive learning environment and adhere to legal and ethical standards.
    • Dedicated Support and Resources:
      Participants receive personalised support from experienced program coordinators who guide them through the entire placement process, including online orientation to Australia.
    • Visa Assistance and Compliance:
      For international participants, guidance with visa application processes and compliance with Australian immigration laws is provided to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation:
      Continuous assessment of the internship experience is conducted to address any issues, provide feedback, and ensure the overall satisfaction of both the participant and the host organisation.
    • Networking Opportunities:
      Internships Down Under facilitates social networking events, allowing participants to connect with other interns based in the same location which can expand their social and professional network.
    • Legal and Administrative Compliance:
      Ensuring compliance with local labor laws and regulations, as well as facilitating the internship placement agreement and managing administrative tasks associated with the placement, requires dedicated resources.
    • Quality Assurance:
      The fee structure enables Internships Down Under to maintain high standards in internship placement, ensuring that both participants and host organizations have a positive and mutually beneficial experience.
    • Transparency and Value:
      Internships Down Under is committed to transparency in its fee structure. All fees are clearly outlined, and participants are provided with detailed information about the services included. The fees are structured to reflect the value of the services provided and the investments made to facilitate a successful internship experience.

Contact Information: For further inquiries about Internships Down Under’s fee structure or any aspect of the internship placement process, please contact us.