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Hunter Valley – $129 Goes Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays!

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Hunter Valley North of Sydney is the lovely wine-growing area known as the Hunter Valley. Experts will educate you about the differences between varieties of grapes & you can taste up to 20 different wines (to see if the experts are correct).

Wine tasting; We like to visit a traditional, small old winery to support them & get first -hand knowledge from the owner or their family.

We also visit some large award winning wineries so you can experience the difference between them & the small guys.

Lunch; a relaxing picnic lunch is provided by a local bakery.

Cheese tasting; Blue vein, fromage blanc, goats tome, vintage cheddar are some of the cheeses you will be able to taste, smell & learn about as well.

Beer tasting; at one of the beer cafes you can relax & enjoy wine, tea, coffee & of course a beer or three. Learn about the types of beer with the help of some notes on each type.

The Village; finally, walk through the cute Hunter Valley Village shops to look at, or buy souvenirs , wines, gifts, olives, books, chocolates, art works or clothes.

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