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Internships Down Under has been arranging traditional in-person internships for International students travelling to Australia for over 15 years. Although this continues to be a major part of our operations, we acknowledge that the global workplace landscape is rapidly changing and internships need to reflect the changing workplace environments to prepare students accordingly.
Virtual Internships develop an entirely new set of skills to that of an in-person internship.

What is a Virtual Internship?

Virtual internships (also known as remote internships or online internships) are steadily growing in popularity globally.

A virtual internship is a placement where an intern gains professional experience and training while not physically present at the company location.

All communication between the intern and company is carried out via online platforms such as phone, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, webinars, Google Hangouts and various other communication & project management programs.

Virtual internships may not suit all industries (e.g. hospitality), but with modern working techniques, improved technology, and the correct training structure, they can be beneficially executed in a wide range of fields;

Marketing/Online Marketing/Social MediaLawJournalism / CommunicationsAdministration
EngineeringFinance / AccountingEvent ManagementTourism
LogisticsPublic RelationsHuman ResourcesSoftware Development
Graphic/Web DesignInformation TechnologyFashionFilm & Media
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