Host Company Connect / Direct Applicants; The Pitfalls

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There can be pitfalls for host companies that accept internship applicants directly rather than using a registered internship provider (member of the Australian Internship Industry Association – AIIA). These pitfalls can also apply to companies that accept interns from international providers & Universities as they are unaware of Australian internship guidelines and are unable to offer ongoing on the ground support.
Internship placement providers ensure that internship placements are in line with the guidelines set out by Fair Work Australia.

AIIA approved members provide the following benefits & services:
– Essential insurance
– Liaise with the intern’s University
– Replace the intern should the internship not meet the expectations of the company or intern
– Ongoing monitoring & support throughout the internship
– Ensure realistic expectations of the intern and company
– Offer guidance & support with accommodation, visas, social meetings and ongoing welfare

Many of our loyal host companies use the following template email in response to direct internship enquiries;

Thank you for your interest in completing an internship with our company.
We are able to offer beneficial voluntary (unpaid) internships in your field.
All our internships focus on training and supervision.
We use Internships Down Under to manage all our internship applications as they specialise in this area.
Please contact them directly and they will be able to assist you in arranging an internship with our company, or at another company that meets your requirements.
In addition to assessing whether you are a suitable applicant for our company and organising your internship, they will assist you with visa requirements, insurances, accommodation and other areas to make your stay in Australia a pleasant experience.
Contact details:

Good luck with your application.

Internships Down Under arranges supervised internship placements with host companies which focus on meeting the training requirements set by both the intern and their International education provider.

Internships Down Under continues to offer host companies guidance on the smooth running of a successful internship placement and always holds the intern’s and host company’s welfare as the primary consideration.