Connect / Intern of the Week / Maurice; Hotel Hospitality Internship in Sydney

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Maurice is from Germany and is currently completing a Hospitality internship in Sydney at a Hotel;

My home city is: Hannover is famous for: a lot of beer
Growing up I wanted to be: A pilot
I chose Australia because: Never been there and furthest away from home
My impression of Australia before I arrived: Hot, dangerous animals, nice beaches, weird English, chilled people
One thing I have learnt about Australia: It’s like a culture hot pot, literally every nationality is here
Before I leave Australia, I want to: Hug a kangaroo
If I could live anywhere in the world it would be; Either Florida, Hawaii, Philippines or Japan
Best advice I’ve been given: Don’t stress about life; especially work – take your time finding the right thing, when you so something you love you’ll never work a single hour in your life
Destination of my next trip is: Probably Asia: China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan
Australia described in one word: Multicultural!


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